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Father's Day

I figure since Father's Day is coming up soon, I'd share a story of a good time I had with my dad.  I'm not sure why, but this one is the first one that came to mind, so it must be for a reason.

One Friday afternoon, it must have been some time in the fall of 2000, we were discussing what to do with the weekend.  I have no idea how I came up with this, but I remember thinking I wanted to go and see a taping of SNL.  I knew this required tickets, and I was sure that it would be impossible to get them, but I went and looked online anyway and I found that they had a number of stand-in seats available if you showed up day-of.  Being that this was the early 2000s, the internet didn't have a whole lot of information on this beyond what I just wrote.  There was a phone number to call to get more info, but if I remember correctly, calls to this number just rang forever with no answer.  The website mentioned some random address in Brooklyn, which I guess I had assumed is where you went to see about getting said stand-in tickets, so I mentioned it to dad and he said "well, lets try it."

The next morning we got up, put the random Brooklyn address in the GPS, and took off for NYC.  I can't remember if I had my license yet or if I still had my learners permit, but I distinctly remember driving at least parts of the trip.  The drive up was uneventful, but I remember showing up to the address I'd found on the website.  It was just some random building, with no outside markings to indicate it had anything to do with NBC.  We went up and rang the bell, and the guy who came to the door looked very confused when we explained the situation.  To our credit, he definitely did work for NBC, and these were some kind of NBC offices, but I later came to find out that the actual process for getting stand-in seats involves showing up at the crack of dawn at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.  At this point, it was late morning and we were a good way from Manhattan.  So yeah, SNL wasn't going to happen.

Not to be dissuaded by this turn of events, we decided to just go sightseeing instead.  I was taking a photography class at the time, and I had brought my camera, so this turned into a great opportunity.  We mostly did a bunch of touristy crap -- went to the top of the statue of liberty, visited Times Square, and got some of the best pizza ever.  I say "touristy crap", but it was a lot of fun.  We ended up having a really good time.  I still remember the narrow, twisty stairs inside the statue, and thinking we were never going to get to the top.  When we finally did, I took a picture of the skyline, with the twin towers priminently featured.  I ended up using that picture in my portfolio for my photo class.  I think that binder is still in my basement, and I've been meaning to dig it out.  I'll have to scan it in and post it when I do eventually find it.

Good times.
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