bluescreenoftom (bluescreenoftom) wrote,

Microsoft killing Windows Media Center?

Earlier today Engadget posted an article about how Microsoft is neglecting to make updates to Windows Media Center in Windows 8. They had previously announced that it will not be included with the OS, but rather as an add-on pack for an additional $10 (which is reasonable and I would pay, but still more expensive than before). Now it seems that Windows 8 brings zero enhancements for WMC, and in fact they are removing the ability to easily boot directly into WMC and also to add new types of tuners. As Engadget put it, this seems like another "nail in the coffin" for the software.

Considering I use WMC as my main DVR solution around the house (using Xbox 360s and Media Center Extenders instead of FiOS set-top boxes in each room), this definitely comes as a bit of a blow to me. Of course, Windows 7 media center won't stop working any time soon, but eventually Microsoft will stop updating the guide data and we will have to say goodbye to Microsoft's free DVR solution. I can understand why it was not more widely adopted (primarily, in my opinion, because there were not any cheap cablecard solutions for PC until the last year or two, in addition to the additional effort and initial cost it takes to get it set up) but not only was it a great way to stick it to the cable companies and their overpriced DVR solutions, it provided a much better interface and was more customizable and upgradable. Microsoft, I know you gotta do what you gotta do, including killing off unprofitable product units, but I'll be really sad to see this one go.
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