bluescreenoftom (bluescreenoftom) wrote,

When exactly did The Simpsons end?

Last night I watched the 500th episode of The Simpsons and I was reminded again why I no longer watch the show. While the characters and settings remain the same, everything else is different. During my afternoon internetting today, I came across another best-of list, this one reaching to 50, and I noticed that only one episode had a first-air date in the 2000s. I've noticed myself that when I choose an episode to watch, I rarely pick one beyond Season 8 or 9 (which aired in the late 90s). So lets just face facts: The Simpsons never really reached 500 episodes. It really ended somewhere around season 9 or 10. But where exactly? Was there a defining moment where we can truly mark the end of the show? Or did it fizzle out slowly into the crap that it is today? At any rate, I doubt I will mourn after the "final episode" of the Simpsons airs, when and if it ever does. As far as I'm concerned, the final episode aired over 10 years ago.
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