February 24th, 2013

Sweet Jesus!

Recording a Windows Media Center HD TV recording (.wtv) to Blu Ray

I recorded this year's Super Bowl on my Windows Media Center DVR box and decided I wanted to record it in full quality to Blu Ray. I spent hours trying to figure out the proper combination of software to get this done properly (without audio sync issues!!!), so I'm going to post it here in hopes that it saves someone else some time.

Software you need (all free):

  • MC-TV Converter

  • TSSplitter

  • TSRemux

  • Imgburn

Steps to convert and record:

  1. Find the recorded .wtv file in your recordings folder.  Open MC-TVConverter, set the output format to .ts.  Drag the .wtv file and convert it to .ts.  Repeat for each recording you want on the disc.

  2. Use TSSplitter to join together any .ts recordings you wish to record.  Note that single-layer BD-R discs max out at 25GB, but in reality you probably don't want to go over 23 or so.

  3. Once your single .ts file has been created, open it in TSRemux.  Check to see if the "Duration" time is correct (sometimes it is off, this is a problem).  If the duration time is correct, proceed to the next step.  If the duration time is not correct, you first need to re-mux the file using TSRemux.  Select output format as .ts, then select the audio and video streams from the list.  Make sure "Bypass Audio Alignment" is unchecked, and remux.

  4. Open the joined .ts file (remuxed in the previous step if necessary) in TSRemux, then select "Blu Ray" as the output format.  Set the chapter length to the desired length.  Select the audio and video streams from the list.  Make sure "Bypass Audio Alignment" is unchecked, then run the process.

  5. Open ImgBurn.  Choose "Write Files/Folders to disc".  Drag and drop the folders created by tsmuxer into a disc in the root directory (BDMV and CERTIFICATE).  Enter a disc label and burn.